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Let me introduce this productivity application that I designed with the aim of integrating the Apache-Ant compiler (the compiler of Andoid SDK) with the Eclipse IDE. Getting a more powerful build enviroment with the most adapted to android IDE.

Now you can compile with Ant from within Eclipse as you do with the native Eclipse compiler.

MyeEkle doesnīt modify Eclipse behaviour so you can at any time use the Eclipse compiler simultaneously.

Myekle has also some productivity enhacement features as basic AVD management for auto installing, linking external editors and more.
(READ INFO F.A.Q or view the videos to learn more)

I firstly developed MyrEkle for my personal use as a very rough application with no GUI that used just a cmd window. But after years of getting resources and learning from the developer community, I think I made something  really usable for other developers so itīs time to give something back.

I invested a lot of time in making it stable and user friendly. It began with a simple gui but ended with my own Console emulator, full menu integration inside Eclipse, and configuration file support to make it customizable.

I think at this point MyrEkle can be really valuable for any Android developer ( on XXXDOWS ) so itīs time to release.

Please read EULA_license at any time to view a detailed description of terms of use.  In short:

-Free unlimited use of as many copies of the software you want for producing personal or commercial applications.

-No registration.

-In case of redistribution of MyrEkle, it has to be free of charge al also without registration for the users.

-In case of redistribution you can not claim that you made the software.

Alexandre Soneira Villarino 2012