Note that this is a tutorial about a very specific use of the program. It is recommended to fully read the documentation in order to learn more about the full functionality of the program.


To update our ROM set using ClrMame Pro we must follow these steps:


        1. Selecting the dat file

        2. Loading the database

        3. Configuring the ROM directories

        4. Configuring the scanning options

        5. Updating


        4.1.    Selecting the dat file


First, run the program. The “Profiler” window pops-up.



We have two dat file types to select: a previously downloaded dat file or a self-created dat file using the MAME executable file.


        4.1.a.    Previously downloaded dat file


In the “Profiler” window press Add DAT... and select the file containing the dat file (no need to unzip it). Once it is selected, the new dat file will appear in the upper left box in the “Profiler”.



        4.1.b.    Exe-Based dat file


In the box Use An Emulator Binary To Create A DatFile, in Destination select the MAME executable file (in this case, it must be unzipped). In Description enter, for example, “mame 0.62”, we make sure that in Emulator we have MAME selected and press Create DAT. The new dat file will appear in the upper left box in the “Profiler”.



        4.2.    Loading the dat file


To load the dat file added in the “Profiler”, double-click on it.


If we have added a previously downloaded dat file, the following window will pop-up:



Press Default.


In the following window:



press Accept.


If we have created an exe-based dat file, the window that pops-up will be:



Press Accept.


Then, the load process begins, during which a series of warnings will be presented:



Press Yes.


In the final step of the process, you will see the following message:



Press Accept.


When the dat file is loaded, the main window pops-up.



        4.3.    Configuring the ROM directories


We must now tell the program where are we storing the ROMs and the fixfiles.


To add the ROM directories, press Settings.



Select ROM-Paths in the upper-left corner list. Press Add and select the directories where you are storing your MAME ROM set.


Select then Add-Paths in the list and add every fixfiles directory.



Once you have added every needed directory, press OK.


        4.4.    Configuring the scanning options


In the main windows press Scanner:



In the box You want to scan: check Sets and Roms and uncheck the rest.


In the box You’re Using: select the ROM set type using the following equivalences:


You’re Using

ROM set

Not Merged Sets

Split / Not Merged

Split Sets

Split / Merged

Merged Sets

Not Split


In the box Bad-Dump Handling check Create Missing and select Show Missing.


In the box Options press Advanced...:



In the box in the bottom, check Deeper Check For Fixable Missing Files and “Fix Missing” Scans All Sets.


Close this windows.


        4.5.    Updating


With the selected options, if we press Scan..., the program will only look for the required files in the ROMs directories we have selected in the Settings window, without performing any update operation. The results of the scanning appear in the white window next to the “Scanner” window.


To update the files, check the boxes in the Fix column and press Scan.



Depending on the number of operations required and the equipment used, the updating process may take from a few seconds to several hours.


When the process is finished, uncheck the boxes in the Fix column and press again Scan. If the update has been performed correctly and we had all the required files, once the scan is finished there won’t be any message in the results window, or maybe a report about a missing game, “Rafflesia (not encrypted)”. There are no valid ROMs for this game. If there is no “Missing” report, we must know that the ROMs we have for this game have been artificially created to match the size and CRC requirements, but are not the real ROMs required to play the game.