"Let the old times roll" (2013)

The Galician blues band Miki Nevio and the Bluesmakers, who got together more than 20 years ago, this year released their fifth album, entitled Let the Old Times Roll. The album includes sixteen songs, from traditional spirituals (Swing Low, Sweet Chariot) and blues classics (I Can't Be Satisfied) to new tunes by Miki and company, such as Don't You Know, featuring the harmonica of guest artist Ñaco Goñi. With suggestive stage names like Rafa Mississippi, Slim Slide Louis and Washboard Plof, Miki Nervio & the Bluesmakers deliver a solid, varied, and well-produced album of blues and rhythm'n'blues that makes it clear why they are practically a musical institution in the northwestern Spanish region of Galicia.

Justin Coe

"Let the old times roll" (2013)

Both Miki Nervio and The Bluesmakers deeply know all blues elements that come from the end of the twenties and thirties. Pre-war and Delta blues have no secrets for them, because they are totally engaged with that kind of music and they give an exquisite handling to every song they perform. These musicians come from Galicia and do an acoustic repertoire, the old time songbook, with passion, reverence, commitment and elegant arrangements that follow very aesthetical patterns. Miki Nervio & The Bluesmakers come to perpetuate a musical genre that has almost disappeared in the actual blues scene, except some other few and rare collectors. But the good taste, the excellent display, the swing and feeling these musicians give to the music they perform is over the standard average of other artists who try to do it but sometimes they do not succeed and become a little bit boring. This is not the case of Miki Nervio and The Bluesmakers. I am surprised they have not yet been booked by the various blues festivals in Spain and I find hard to believe there still are promoters who have not yet realized the band qualities. In short words, this is an excellent well conceived album with a splendid development and final result. Congratulations fellows! GREAT

Vicente Zumel