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Motor Sailers by Philip Rhodes and John Alden (Forum)
"Motor Sailers seemed to offer the best of all worlds for this adventure. And those designs by Rhodes & Alden were my favorites."

Motorsailing: The 50 percent solution
Most interesting article from Greg Jones at Blue Water Saling Magazine pages.

The Payne Steadysailer
Very interesting new design of an ocean going motorboat with auxiliary sails.

Back up Sailing Rig
" putting sails on these boats many people think they’re motorsailors.... "  By designer George Buehler

The Motorsailer. By Trevor Bolt
In the beginning there were only sailing vessels...

What is the Ideal Motor Sailor?
Visit this very interesting page, by Michael Kasten, of Kasten Marine Design, Inc.

A new approach to Motorsailing.
You can find here the approach to motorsailing from the point of view of modern Catamarans. Designer Brian Eiland's web pages.

Motorsailers from designer Paul Gartside.
American trend to motorsailers (So light ones) very nice designs, to be constructed in modern wood techniques, much in the line we think classic motorsailers should be.

Motorsailing in an Ultimate Storm
Find the experience of Skip Elias, who went through the 1994 Queen's Birthday storm between New Zealand and Tonga. He and his wife Susan were aboard Por Vida, a Westsail 43 (13.1m).

What Cruising Sailors need to know.
From the pages of North Sails, about motorsailing.

Janice 142's Motorsailers & Sailboats under 30' page
"I am soliciting opinions on the following sailboats and European motor sailors. This is my working list and it tends to be a bit brutal. You'll note immediately my prejudice against fin keel vessels. Everyone has a quirk... that's mine."


New trends in propulsion systems. Fuel cells, solar, diesel-electric hybryd, kite sails, wing sails, etc.

Alternative Energy Blog: Hybrid Boats, Hybrid Ships and Beyond

The New Age of Sails New trend sin sails propulsion for merchant ships. Article at New Scientist's pages.

Perpetuated motion. Article by Tim Murphy at Crusing World's pages.

Solomon Technologies bets that electric motors are in your future. Article by Jerome A. Koncel

Solar Sailor. Solar-electric propulsion technology

Aerodynamics of Sails and Implications on Performance and Stability of Sailing Vessels. From Wing Sails's pages.

One of the most important issues regarding long keeled monohull motorsailers (And a lot of other sailing boats!), is rolling dampening. Rolling bothers every single owner, either on a humble coaster or a passagemaker. Through the linked pages you´ll find different solutions to this problem.

Roll atenuation strategies. By Michael Kasting
Almost all you need to know about this matter.

The SIS system
New system conceived an engineered by Iñigo Echenique, one of the most renowned naval Architects in Spain. Away from the most commonly used methods, this system seems to be very useful at anchor and low speeds.

Design considerations on at anchor stabilizing systems
(Pdf format)

The use of roll damping paravane systems (Paravane stabilizers)
The purpose of this Ship Safety Bulletin is to caution the operators of vessels which are equipped with this type of roll damping system against the hazards associated with their use such as, reduction in vessel's stability, system failure from poor maintenance and operational hazards.

Effect of fin area and control methods on reduction of roll motion with fin stabilizers.
You'll need some maths to read this.(PDF document)

Are multihulls safe or unsafe for long passages? Many has been (and still is) discussed on this most important matter. Inhability to upright from a capsize, relatively easier pitchpoling, etc., are major concerns.

Multihull Designs Consideration for Seaworthiness
Excellent paper from John Shuttleworth.

Catamaran Stability
by James Wharram and Hanneke Boon

Catamarans' stability considerations Part 1 & Part 2
by Richard Woods

Multihull Stability and Performance Numbers
by Dave Gerr

Multihull safety
by Ian Farrier

Model Tests to Study Capsize and Stability of Sailing Multihulls
by B Deakin, Wolfson Unit, MTIA, UK


Do you want to know your rig measurements? Visit:

Technical Articles by John Holthrop
A very interesting collection with a particular mention to his Best Offshore Cruising Boats article.

Safety Studies at US Sailing.
Various safety-minded groups across the United States have taken on the task of learning specifics of certain safety devices or techniques. These groups have agreed to publish their research here.
Includes, anchoring, radar, PFD, rafts, MOB, lifeslings and many more.

Investigation of The Use of Drogues To Improve The Safety of Sailing Yachts
by U.S. Coast Guard, Groton, CT

Visit this topic at Banjer 37 Motorsailer Club's web site to find out a lot of info on the matter.

Sail Calculator
You can use it to look up sailboat parameters in a large database of boats, or enter your own boat and compare to the others. In addition, for any boat you can calculate a set of quantities that will help you measure how it will perform.

The Ivor Bittle web site
This website is for those who think that it is worth understanding how a mechanical device works before it is designed.
For:- theory of sailing, modelling a Thames sailing barge, model steam plant, the bulbous bow, the paddle wheel, the practical aerofoil, model racing yachts.


Sailing in a spoonful of water. By Joe Coomer (Recommended by friend Stephen Ditmore)
The story of a man, a family, and a vintage wooden boat. Coomer writes of reviving a vintage motorsailer   and of years he spent with his wife and family learning to master the boat he called Yonder.
You'll get the book at The Armchair Sailor:

Motorsailing: Cruising under sail and power. By  Dag Pike.
This book examines the various hull forms, the requirements of propulsion and steering, the deck layout, superstructure, accommodation and equipment, and explains the forces which act on a motor sailer, so that owners may understand their boats better. The handling of the boat under both power and sail is explored. 30 b/w photos. 40 line drawings. 176pp.
You can buy the book from The Nautical Mind:   

Voyaging Under Power. By Robert P. Beebe
Although not strictly a book about motorsailing, this book from Robert P. Beebe is an obligued reference for the motoring part of it.  You may find this book almost at any reputable book store.
You may purchase the book at Tiller Books:

"Auxiliary Sail Vessels Operations for the Aspiring Professional Sailor". By Captain Andy Chase.
At Chapter 9 of his book, Captain Andy Chase explains how to master the art of motorsailing, that may bring you significant fuel consuming economy, as well as more comfortable and fast passages. You may find more information about this book or find a link to purchase it  at:


There are several pages focused on Motorsailers (or with devoted Motorsailers pages)
that maybe of help to you in the buy-sell of your Motorsailer:
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Greekyachts' motorsailers


- WORKSHOP: Maybe some of you will be also interested in the Banjers Club's Workshop-Forum page. It is devoted to Banjers, but some of the information there may be of interest to other motorsailers' owners.

- BANJER's  LINES & SAILING: Also devoted to Banjers, but maybe also of general interest.

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