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This is a brief explanation about Galinux-Slax for non Galician speakers that lacks important sections and info. Traslation was handmade as accurate as we could. If you want to help us improving it, please contact and let us know what's wrong in it. Thank you.


Galinux is a GNU/Linux (from now on simply Linux) derivative of Slax (Slackware). Its main features are:

  • Designed for educational purposes in Galicia (northwest of Spain): very easy to use, a friendly interface (close to Microsoft Windows XP), mostly in Galician language (coming versions will be also in other languages), and safe: by default it doesn't allow writing in NTFS storage units. More, it includes a "kiosk mode" in which the only task avaliable is surfing the web.
  • Several flavours: like any other XP installable tool or program (no need for partitioning, everything goes in c:\galinux), Live-CD or universal installer for many operative systems.
  • All of them run like a Live-CD, executing everything in RAM memory. In other words, it's not a real instaled O.S. so it will never affect any of your documents and operative systems in your HD. When you turn off your computer, no changes are saved as default behaviour.
  • It boots faster than other instaled OSs, in spite of not being really instaled, and manages lots of hardware with no need for additional drivers. It can be executed in many obsolote computers.
  • You can personalize and tune it as desired: you can choose which programs and tools it will load by default each time it boots, both when installing it or afterwards. If you are already running it, you can hotload more of them by just clicking on a module (compressed file with configurations, programas or documents). It's also easy to turn changes in your settings and documents permanent.

You might like to take a look to several screenshots. For downloads, please visit the main page and look for the "Descargas" section.

If you need further information or help us in any way, please visit the forum or


Please visit for downloads and info about other projects (server not running full-time). Among others, you will find there GIW (the Linux installer for Microsoft Windows Vista), Extra-templates 1.0 for KDE desktops, the Galinux icon theme for KDE and my own up to date black list with dangerous IPs.

If you want to help in any way, please contact us.

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