Setting Up Multiple Users In Ubuntu Linux

Browse this link for more detailed directions for some of the operations that follow.

The way users are going to be set up in this guide is conceived for a computer lab where all computers have a teacher account with administrator privileges. Each computer has also a student who is responsible for its administration, this student is granted privileges too. All other users are created with basic rights only.

Among these basic accounts, a 'Guest User' will be created. This account will log in automatically after a period of time with no activity in the login window.

Of course, if you are going to be the only user in this computer, the initial administrative account created when installing Ubuntu would be more than enough and you can skip creating all the other accounts shown in this guide. Besides, you can enable automatic login for this account, so you don't have to enter a password every time you turn on the computer. In other case, proceed as follows.

login window preferences
  1. Log in with administrator privileges (User: adormideras, or whatever username was used when Ubuntu was first installed).

  2. Create a new privileged user account for yourself (System Administration Users and Groups). Decide your name, login and password. Make sure you grant this account with administrative rights. With this account you are going to be allowed to administer the system.

  3. Add a new unprivileged user with the following settings:

  • User name: guest
  • Real name: Guest User
  • Set password: By hand
  • User password: guestuser
  1. Enable 'Timed Login' for this account. There must be a 30-second pause before login. I've just forgotten how to do it, so I won't be able to help you, and you must perform some research yourself to figure out how to do it.

Think of some plausible reasons why we have added this 'Guest User' account.

  1. Now, let's change the way users are started. To edit the login window go to 'System Administration Login Window' and click on the 'Local' tab. Select the 'Human List Theme.'

  2. Go to 'System Preferences About Me' and add a picture by clicking on the square next to your user name. You can either pick up a picture from the suggested folder (/usr/share/pixmaps/faces) or add any other picture that you have available.

  3. Log out and log in again. Notice the difference.

  4. Add 'faces' for all other users. A chess board for 'IES Adormideras' and a coffee cup for the 'Guest User.' If the pics are not all the same size, use GIMP 'Applications Graphics GIMP Image Editor' to scale them to the same size. If you have more than 4 users, a good size would be 48×48 pixels

  5. When you are done, ask your teacher to grade your work.